What’s New: The Latest WeCounsel Updates!

January 23, 2018Abby GhattasCategories What's New

Product Updates 1.19.2018

Account Transactions CSV Updates: The CSV when downloaded as an administrator from Account Transactions under Org Management> Billing> Account transactions now separates the provider’s name from the event ID. This way you can download a list of the transactions and associated sessions from your administrative dashboard that will allow you to manipulate the CSV and sort by provider name.

Insurance Session Reporting: Now past and future sessions under the insurance tab (for organizations who utilize the insurance claims feature) will be sorted chronologically so as to ease the searching burden for recent sessions.

Branded Support Numbers Now In Session “Help”: Enterprise clients who leverage our branded support package, will now see their very own branded support line inside of the Help tab on the right hand side of the video conferencing page.

Clinical Manager User Creation Privileges: Now, clinical managers have the ability to create and adjusts users with their equivalent user type. So, if you need to create a Clinical Manager or make another user a Clinical Manager, any Clinical Manager can now do this.

Legacy Professional Plan Administrative Session List: Now administrators of the professional plan have a session list located in the left side administrative dashboard. This allows Legacy Professional Plan Administrators to approve session requests on behalf of providers, manage billing from the session list, and see any and all upcoming events!

Session Status Now In Session List CSV: When a provider or administrator navigates to the Session List to Download a CSV of all Sessions they will now see a column for Session Status. Status is determined by manually changing the status in the Session List.

Google Calendar Sync Redirect: If there are still steps left in the setup guide for users completing initial registration, those who navigate to sync with gCal will be redirected back into the setup guide to complete the remaining items.

iOS Browser: When viewing the portal from a browser on an iOS device, users will now have the ability to turn the device to landscape and see the navigation tabs in landscape orientation.

Administrator’s Personal Schedule: In the left side navigation dashboard inside of the administrative portal, you’ll now see a link that says “My Schedule.” This is where administrators can view their own schedule as well as user the filters in the top right corner to layer in Organization and Location specific events.

Calendar Load Time Improvement: Now, the calendar for your organization will default to the Week view as opposed to the Month view. This should help decrease the load times for calendars.