Text/SMS Notifications

Text/SMS Notifications

October 7, 2017Justin HoffmanCategories What's New

Text notifications for sessions are now available!

This will increase client engagement and reduce no-shows by making sure you and your clients are always informed.

You and your clients can now choose to receive text message alerts reminding you of upcoming sessions and Directory engagements, like messages and session requests! Directory requests like new client requests and session request notifications are available to all plans.

Session notifications are available to Preferred and Professional plan members. 

When you activate Text/SMS notifications, your clients will have the option to enter a cell phone number if they want to start getting reminders on their phone.

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To get started, go to Settings in your portal and then scroll down until you see Text/SMS Alerts. Select the options that you would like to activate, enter your cell number and click Update.

Your current clients can opt in and add a phone number under Settings. Your new clients will get an optional Setup Guide step to enter their number. You can add a number for a client by going into their client file and clicking Edit next to their personal info.

You and your clients can turn off these notifications any time by replying STOP to a notification or turn it off in your Settings sections.