Product Updates!

Product Updates!

April 12, 2018Justin HoffmanCategories What's New

Push Notifications and Messaging on your iPhone or iPad!

We are taking the iOS app to a whole new level with the release of Push Notifications and Messaging!

You and your clients can now receive push notifications right to your iPhone or iPad notifying you of any new messages, directory engagements, session requests, session reminders and more.

But that’s not all!

Receive and reply to messages in a fully HIPAA-compliant environment using the iOS app as well! When you receive a message, you’ll be notified via push notification, which can take you into the app to reply right away!

With the enhanced app, you can stay informed on-the-go and provide excellent care from anywhere.

Download the FREE update in the App Store today.

Other Notable Web App Updates

  • Service Types: Throughout the platform, we changed the term “Session Type” to read “Service Type” in response to consistent feedback from users like you!


  • Transfers Tab: The Transfers tab has been modified to give you increased visibility into transaction details. We added a combined Ecommerce Fee column allowing users to easily see the amount billed and the fee associated to each transfer. In addition, we enhanced the CSV download to include not only the total transfer amount, but also the sessions associated with each transfer.


  • Video UI Improvements: To allow for maximized surface area for the video conferencing window, we moved the video tools to the left side of the interface on the web app.


  • Bug fixes and Stability Improvements