How to Fill your Practice with Intelligent, High Functioning Clients!

How to Fill your Practice with Intelligent, High Functioning Clients!

October 17, 2017Chloe CarmichaelCategories Uncategorized

Signing up for Wecounsel was a smart move to help grow your practice and reach more clients!  WeCounesel’s practice building expert here to help you take your practice to the next level!  

My name is Dr. Chloe Carmichael, and I’m honored that Wecounsel has chosen me as their practice building expert to share tips with therapists who are passionate about growing their practice. I am the owner and head of practice of a private pay therapy practice in New York City, specializing in work with high functioning professional clients. I also act as a consultant for early career professionals looking to build their practice.

Through the process of building my practice from its early days of one small office and just a few clients, into the million dollar business it is today, as well as helping others to build their own dream practices, I’ve learned many useful techniques for practice building, as well as some common mistakes that will surely drive business away!  I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share some of my favorite tips with the Wecounsel community.

One of the first and most important steps to building a successful private practice is to develop a winning elevator pitch geared specifically to high functioning clients. To do this, reflect on your unique therapeutic strengths and take the time to write them down. They should be clear and easy for the average person to understand.  Remember, this is not a grad school assignment– skip the technical jargon and make the description simple enough that someone with zero education in therapy could easily understand it.

Some clients may want more detail, but start by making things very straightforward; provide the extensive clinical terms only if they’re genuinely appropriate for the client’s situation. Marketing studies show that generally speaking, consumers want a professional who makes them feel like their problem is manageable. Therapeutically, this is important too: if you’re dealing with high functioning people, they need to know that you recognize them as intelligent, capable people who have simply encountered a curveball in life that you’re going to help them manage.

Framing issues like self esteem, dating difficulties, and even career insecurities as normal and expectable issues that many high functioning people have had before will generally help make the potential client comfortable to book with you, and build the therapeutic alliance in that first “is this a good fit?” session, because it affirms that these are manageable goals that you’re confident therapy can help. If you’re interested in taking this important step in building your successful practice, I would encourage you to:

  • Draft: Create your sixty second “elevator pitch” that you will use to describe your skills and what type of clients you see (or want to see).
  • Practice:Practice your elevator pitch every day for 30 days until it rolls off your tongue.
  • Refine: Share it with friends, family, and colleagues to get feedback. Then ask them to repeat it back to you to see if your message is coming across the way you intended. Keep tweaking your elevator pitch until first-time listeners can repeat back the

To get more tips on how to fill your practice with intelligent and high functioning clients, signup for our next webinar on November 16th at at 2:00 EST.  

By following these tips, you will be on your way building a successful and profitable practice like mine! For more in-depth information and tips about how to grow your successful practice, click here!