Key Features

Please see our full features list for more detailed information.

  • Role-Driven User Management

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  • Administrative Scheduling

  • Multi-Location Management

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  • Interactive Directory

  • Facilitated Patient Check-In

  • Utilization and User Insights Reporting

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  • Custom Note/Assessment Template Creation

  • Implementation and On-boarding Assistance

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  • Custom Workflow Fit

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  • Eligibility & Claims Submission

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  • Support Resource Package

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  • Dedicated Account Executive

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  • User Management

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  • Master Scheduling by Location

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Wecounsel's Enterprise Benefits

  • Full onboarding support and user training
  • Live in two weeks or less
  • Workflow customization & modular feature set
  • Support center & optional private labeled tech support
  • Scalable for multiple locations
  • Account executive
  • The staff at wecounsel have been incredibly helpful and flexible in offering a customized site for our unique needs. We are very pleased with the clean layout and intuitive nature of the application.

    Sarah Thompson Special Projects Coordinator, National EAP Service Provider - Enterprise

  • With more than 40 rural hospital psychiatric programs, we have turned to wecounsel for our teletherapy services. This enables us to serve more of our senior population.

    Kelly McBryde, CEO Ultragroup Healthcare

Packages & Pricing

Wecounsel’s pricing structure allows enterprise organizations of all sizes to create the customized package they need at a price that supports their business model.

Please call 888-958-2885 Ext.3 for more information.