You’re Already Doing Smart Things Like Using WeCounsel- Now it’s Time To Populate Your Practice with Clients!

Signing up for WeCounsel was a smart move to help grow your practice and reach more clients! In this 6-part blog series, I’ll show you some more proven strategies to help you grow a successful private practice.

My name is Dr. Chloe Carmichael, and welcome to my 6-part blog series about building a successful and profitable therapy practice! I’m honored that WeCounsel has chosen me as their practice building expert to share tips with therapists who are passionate about growing their practices. I am the owner and head  of a private pay therapy practice in Manhattan, specializing in work with high functioning professional clients. I also act as a consultant for early career professionals looking to build their practice.

Through the process of building my practice from its early days of one small office and just a few clients, into the million dollar business it is today, as well as helping others to build their own dream practices, I’ve learned lots of really useful techniques for practice building, as well as some common mistakes that will surely drive business away!  I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share some of my favorite tips with the WeCounsel community.

One of the most popular questions therapists ask me is how to get more clients.  This is a tough one for many therapists who are great at focusing on others yet struggle when the focus is on themselves.  In order to attract and retain clients outside of a clinic setting, the therapist has to get comfortable drawing and holding the attention of potential clients.  If this makes you nervous, recognize your nervousness as a simple piece of information that is likely signaling a need for preparation.

How much time have you spent preparing to attract clients?  Probably not very much, if you’re relying on what was taught in graduate school.  Graduate school teaches us wonderful skills in assessment and intervention, but often very little in terms of actually getting those clients in the first place.  This series is here to help you with the skills of attracting, booking, and retaining clients to help you build your dream practice!

Remember that “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  The key to spending time on your practice is oftentimes quite simple: schedule it.  When I was first starting my practice, I assigned myself a schedule of when I would be available to see clients.  During those hours, I was either seeing clients or working to acquire them.  Whether this means working on your elevator pitch, writing content for your website, tweaking your WeCounsel profile, creating a practice announcement, following up with potential referral sources, or the myriad other things that are practically guaranteed to help attract clients, make sure you put in the time on a steady consistent basis.  Keep a list of all the things you’d like to do to build your practice, and then just pick whichever one appeals to you during your working hours.

As long as you’re working steadily and strategically, you’ll make progress.  Remember that WeCounsel and myself are here to help.  We want to see you succeed– your success is our success!

To learn more of Dr. Chloe’s tips, keep your eyes out for her next WeCounsel blog or visit if you want more information right away!