Telehealth – Signing Up for WeCounsel is the First Step to Becoming a Telebehavioral Provider

So, you’re thinking about using telemedicine to serve more clients and improve patient outcomes. That’s great, because you’re already ahead of the curve. If I had to guess, you now feel overwhelmed thinking about all the things you have to do to get started. What do you do first? Well, step one is a simple one: and that’s signing up for WeCounsel – here’s why.

Free Provider Directory

WeCounsel has its very own, online provider directory. In this directory clients in need of teletherapy can search for providers to treat them. Once a client views your profile, they have the option to request a session with you straight from your page. In order to get the maximum amount of clients to your profile, WeCounsel will actually market your profile for you via SEO, social media, and PAID advertising. That’s right, we spend our money to market your profile. So, you can cross off ‘market my online practice’ from your list of things to do – we’ve got that part covered.

Client Engagement Tools

In addition to secure video conferencing, WeCounsel offers you all the client engagement tools you’ll need to manage your online practice. With features like scheduling, billing, note taking, secure document storage, a secure client file, and many more (check out our full features list), running a successful online practice all in one place couldn’t be easier. So, go ahead and cross off ‘find an EHR, scheduling, billing, and note taking platform’ from your list too, because we’ve got that covered as well.

Pricing With You In Mind

It’s no secret that telehealth platforms can cost an arm and a leg, but WeCounsel’s services were priced with you in mind. With plans as low as $0 per month, WeCounsel won’t break the bank. In fact, just one session per month on the WeCounsel platform will more than pay for your investment. So, lastly, go ahead and cross off ‘find out ‘how in the world I’m going to pay for this’ from your list while you’re at it.

So, you’re first and only big step to getting started with telemental health is to sign up for WeCounsel. If you’re wanting the easiest and most effective way to start and run your online practice, we’re your go-to.