Is Technology the answer to the growing Mental Health Crisis?

Did you know that between August of 2016 and January 2017 the overall average reported stress level of Americans rose from a 4.8 to 5.1 (on a scale where 1 means little to no stress and 10 means a great deal of stress)?  These numbers are devastating, as these mental health statistics are an increasing concern and the available treatments and providers remain underserved. With concerns around access to quality mental health care rising, more and more providers are turning to online tools to fill the gap in treatment.

The growing need for mental health

The National Alliance on Mental Health estimates one in five people in the U.S. has a mental disorder that can be diagnosed.  With this high level of need for mental health care, experts have cited that a key factor that is contributing to mental health crisis in the U.S. is the difficulty in locating and being able to access mental health care providers in both urban and rural areas.  Arshya Vahabzadeh, psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School says that “mental health care works and works well,” the problem is more complex, there needs to be more access to “qualified human providers, as well as affordability.”  Traditional healthcare models are letting clients in need of mental health treatment fall through the cracks, whereas staying connected with clients online affords both clients and  providers the flexibility and convenience they need to reduce missed sessions by offering remote care.

Connecting online yields positive outcomes

Technology is paving the way clients receive telemental health care.  In today’s age, mental and behavioral health care providers may provide treatment via secure yet more convenient options.  Americans need mental health care, and are willing to receive this care online.  Studies show that 66% of Americans are willing to meet with their provider online, via secure messaging and video. Another study by West Monroe Partners found that 8 in 10 consumers preferred mobile communications with providers over an office visit. Online engagement solutions make it easy and convenient for mental health care professionals to provide therapy to their clients remotely.  This solution was designed to provide mental health care to the masses, with benefits for both the provider and the client.

Online engagement solutions are closing the gap between mental health care providers and their clients by streamlining the cline experience. Rolling out a digital option provides to this critical mass the care that they need, sparking significant and measurable outcomes.  Ready to be a part of this movement? Your team at WeCounsel is ready to show you how easy it is to go online.  Contact a customer success representative by calling 888-958-2885 today.