Talkspace vs WeCounsel: Why WeCounsel is a Better Place to Provide Online Therapy

Flexibility & Control

While Talkspace is one of the most recognizable names in online therapy, it’s clear that WeCounsel beats them every time when it comes to offering flexibility and control to providers. WeCounsel Directory allows providers to keep 100% control over their practice and gives providers the tools they need to meet with their clients after the initial connection is made.

Better Tools

Another great benefit of utilizing WeCounsel over Talkspace is the variety of tools that are offered. Providers aren’t cornered into using a tool that doesn’t work for them. If a provider prefers not to use instant chat as a treatment tool, great! On WeCounsel, providers have access to a host engagement tools to leverage in their practice.

It’s Free

In addition to all of the value the solutions offer, the actual WeCounsel Directory Listing itself is Free.  When a prospective client finds a provider, they’ll reach out to them directly, not some other therapist. Providers can screen their own clients to ensure both parties are comfortable with the relationship and a good match is made. What’s more, there isn’t any need to pressure your clients to pay for WeCounsel because the service is completely free for them.  The provider decides when and how much to charge for the treatment and WeCounsel doesn’t take a cut.
There are plenty of providers who already use Talkspace to see new clients online, but the new WeCounsel Directory is an alternative that gives providers a control and flexibility they can’t get anywhere else.