Why You Shouldn’t Counsel Clients Online

It seems like you can’t go to a conference or join a webinar without hearing someone talk about the benefits of telehealth these days. It can’t possibly be all it’s hyped up to be, right? For every upside (and there are a lot) there is certainly a downside, so let’s take some time to look at the reasons you should not counsel clients online.

Lower Overhead

That is, if you ever leave the house in the morning to make it to a brick and mortar office at all. Which brings me to my next point about how counselors love paying overhead for office space, receptionist and duplicating all of their utility bills. So, if you are really wanting to pay for all of that, an online office and telemedicine solution probably isn’t right for you.

Less Free Time

When you open up to online counseling, suddenly people all over the state become potential clientele. This could mean that even when you have a client cancel and feel that sense of relief that you’ll have nothing to do for the next hour, you may have another client waiting to take their spot. When using services like WeCounsel’s Online Directory, you could be getting client referrals while you sleep and end up with a full schedule.

Less NPR

We all love sitting in rush hour traffic for hours on end listening to NPR. With an online counseling option you’ll probably leave the office early, beat rush hour, and spend all that time you would have been listening to NPR helping more clients improve their lives.  Naturally that also has a direct correlation to increasing income too.  Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Common Side Effects Include Wanderlust

One of our clients is a telehealth guru that runs his entire sports psychology practice on the WeCounsel telehealth platform.   We recently chatted with Steve while he was in Mexico. He structured his days so that he could do sessions in the morning and surf in the afternoon.  Do you remember the freedom and flexibility that you imagined when you started your practice?  A HIPAA compliant video conferencing solution from WeCounsel is the key to making that a reality.

Well, now that you’ve been aptly warned, if you’re still willing to risk it you can learn more about online counseling as a whole and the leading platform in the industry at WeCounsel’s Website! You can also get a free trial of the software to try for yourself at wecounsel.com/pricing!