Psychology Today vs WeCounsel: Why WeCounsel is a Better Place to Get Client Referrals and Provide Online Therapy

More Than Just Referrals

Psychology Today is a go-to for providers and it’s great for getting new client referrals, no doubt. But, Psychology Today gives you nothing beyond the initial referral. In fact, when clients want to reach out to a listed provider, they do so either by phone or unsecured email. Because WeCounsel was originally a HIPAA compliant Online Client Engagement Software, email messaging tool is secure. This offers clients and providers peace of mind that patient confidentiality will be maintained and is a top priority.

One Step Further

WeCounsel also takes the client engagement a step further than Psychology Today, offering tools to connect with clients online beyond the initial referral. This makes the process of requesting a session, communicating and ultimately meeting for a session easier for the provider and client. WeCounsel does a great job of streamlining your workflow and covering all of the bases from A-Z in a provider’s practice.

It’s Free

The biggest advantage, however, is that the Directory Listing itself is absolutely free. A provider may be paying up to $30/mo on Psychology Today and NEVER receive a referral. With WeCounsel, you don’t pay to play.  Sign up for a FREE WeCounsel Directory Listing Today!