Online Tools Helps Professionals Weather Any Storm

When a major storm hits, are you prepared to offer care to your clients remotely? Usually, when a storm hits, the focus narrows in on safety and emergency response.  What most neglect to consider is the impact a severe storm can have on clients relying on receiving mental healthcare. Additionally, severe weather disasters can lead to trauma even after an event, including stress and anxiety, acute stress reaction, and for some, PTSD.   Online tools were designed to bridge the gap in provider and client after such a traumatic event. Traveling to an office can be difficult in such situations, but providers offering to meet with clients remotely provide the ability to give quality mental health care in a more remote setting.

Storms Affect Mental Healthcare

Storms, harsh weather and changes in seasons can impact mental health. According to Weems, research suggests that between 25 and 50 percent of all people exposed to an extreme weather disaster may experience some adverse mental health effects.  Rebuilding after a storm can result in stress and sleeplessness, where some may misuse substances to lessen the feelings of stress and anxiety.  Grief and depression can also ensue following a natural disaster stemming from everything from a loss of a loved one to loss of a home.  Those affected by storms often put their mental health less of a priority, as overwhelming losses and rebuilding can be hard to deal with.  Traditional health care systems don’t accommodate to stormy weather, requiring clients come up with a mode of transportation to attend an in-person session, at a higher cost.  Providers should consider a new way of staying with their clients, in order to sustain behavioral health and resilience to weather any storm life hands out.

Online Engagement Solutions can Improve Post-Storm Outcomes

Online tools help provide care to those who may not have the resources or transportation to attend an in-person therapy session, or may not even put their mental health as a priority during such a tumultuous time. Mental health care providers may help stabilize the daily life of those affected by utilizing an online engagement solution that:

  • Allows providers to keep scheduled appointments when travel is not an option
  • Gives access to connect online when weather is impacting patients in the moment
  • Offers online group sessions to discuss weather conditions on a client’s mental health
  • Provides access to care to displaced clients
  • Offers trauma sessions during major weather disasters

Are you ready to provide thoughtful response and support through conducting telemental health sessions with remote clients affected by a natural disaster? It’s easier than you think and your friends at WeCounsel are waiting walk you through it. Contact a WeCounsel success representative by calling 888-958-2885.