What does an online engagement solution look like for my practice?

So you’re thinking about ways to make your private or group practice more modern, but are unsure of your needs or even where to begin to look! The telemental health market may seem cluttered and full of solutions that seem tailored to fit specific needs that your practice might not have. An online engagement solution is designed with the behavioral health provider in mind, with the main focus on connecting providers with clients, without all of the unnecessary features or integrations that other solutions offer because they were designed for the medical industry. Here are three ways online engagement solutions can help modernize your behavioral health practice:

One – Never Miss a Session!

Online engagement solutions help you stay connected with your clients. Inclement weather causing you to miss a session is a thing of the past, as this solution allows you to conduct your sessions remotely. Sometimes life can get in the way of providing the much needed care your clients deserve. Understanding that life can sometimes throw curveballs that stand in the way of preventing a client to receive the care that he or she deserves is what an online engagement solution seeks to overcome. Offering to connect with them online also eradicates the stigma attached with receiving mental health care due to a more comfortable setting, while offering to provide care at a more convenient time. Your office hours are much more flexible with an online engagement solution, and you have the ability to conduct a session from your home office.

Two – Expand Your Reach!

With a shortage of mental health professionals providing care to clients across the country, connecting with your clients online hopes to fill this gap in care.Traditional healthcare models place more emphasis on location of services rendered as opposed to an online healthcare model. Online engagement solutions help increase your private or group practice’s reach and thus, your billable opportunities. Providers moving across certain states can keep their home state’s caseload, as well as take on cases from their new locations. Today’s clients are embracing the switch to digital, and are become increasingly satisfied with the level of care they receive via connected with their provider online.

Three – Go paperless!

With new reach comes new billable opportunities! Online engagement solutions come equipped with a payment integration, making billing operations a breeze. Gone are the days of filing statements in dusty cabinet drawers, as this solution is completely online. You can store your private billing statements or patient documents all online, within a completely secure HIPAA-compliant portal. Ditch all of the paper and time wasted on shredding documents, there’s an easier, virtual way of collecting and storing documents through online tools.

What are you waiting for? Many mental health providers are choosing to augment their private or group practice with an online engagement solution due to the incredible benefits it offers to both the provider and the client.  To see just how easy it is to start connecting with those clients today, contact a WeCounsel customer success representative by calling 888-958-2885.