Is an online engagement solution the hidden link to reaching more clients?

Telemedicine, a booming industry worth $14 billion, is driven by pressures to lower costs and increase access to care. But what is the right telemedicine solution for behavioral health? The goal of mental health providers is to connect with clients in a meaningful way. Can online solutions result in the same level of care? Much research has been done to prove that online vs. in-person sessions have little to no impact on the success of the treatment. However, online tools can help mental health professionals check in with clients easier, keep clients engaged regardless of location, and give clients alternative ways to engage in-between sessions.

Why should I embrace the switch to digital?

There are many advantages to augmenting your private practice with an online engagement solution, one of those being increasing the contact between a provider and a client. An online engagement solution seeks to increase the flow of communication between provider and client through digital lines that transcend traditional models. Mental health professionals have caught onto the importance that such a solution brings, and are quick to bring it on board to private and group practices. The shortage of mental health care professionals, happening both locally and nationally, creates difficulties for clients seeking that much needed care. Video technology has stepped in to alleviate this issue, as clients no longer have to wait for an overbooked local mental health professional, they can seek care through online engagement solutions. This technology allows clients to receive care through innovative technology that transcends traditional healthcare models.

Implementing an online engagement solution

It is time to make technology our friend. This does not mean you have to change how you provide care to your clients. Behavioral Connections/Harbor is a mental health facility in Bowling Green, Ohio, that speaks wonders of what an online engagement solution can do in transforming bandwidth of offering mental health services. Adil Ijaz, application specialist at Harbor, says the agency first offered this treatment mode when an out-of-state practitioner voiced her concerns about keeping her home client base, in addition to her new caseload. Harbor then gave this provider a video link at her new home that served to keep her connected to her clients back in Florida. This test was such a success that Harbor now boasts nine telehealth providers who are all fully licensed to provide online counseling services in Ohio. They have others, spanning the states of Arizona, Pennsylvania, Texas and Florida. Ijaz laments that some clients not only like it; “some ask for it specifically.” He also noted that the facility was simply responding to a growing crisis in America, and by offering more telemental health services to more clients, his practice is an early adopter, “broadening [their] horizons.”

With a growing demand for more high-tech solutions, it’s no wonder that mental health services rendered via an online engagement solution has become the new reality. Online engagement solutions offer the perfect combination of the best and most familiar forms of therapy: one-to-one contact with an empathetic human being. At a time where there is a shortage of mental health providers to a climbing number of clients, an online engagement solution seems to be just what the doctor prescribed.

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