Marketing Your Practice | The Importance of Growing Your Digital Presence

It is more than safe to say that having a large digital presence is the easiest and most effective way for behavioral practice growth. The problem is that everyone who wants to get more client referrals knows this, which results in steep competition when marketing your practice. For example, everyone uses google ads, SEO, and has social media accounts. So, if all you’re doing is that, you really don’t have any competitive edge over your competitors. Times have changed, and now having a large digital presence isn’t necessarily doing all the simple things really well, it’s using different tools to optimize your behavioral practice marketing that not many other people are using. Fortunately, WeCounsel can help.

WeCounsel’s telehealth platform in itself is a great behavioral practice marketing tool. Just being able to list on your website that you offer remote sessions already gives you a leg up on the competition. Think about it, if you were a client, wouldn’t you pick the provider that let you conduct your session from the comfort of your own home? I know I would. In addition to that, WeCounsel offers several other tools optimal for behavioral practice growth. For example, the WeCounsel Provider Directory has been out for 3 weeks now, and has already proven to drive more client referrals.

The best part about the directory is that it’s 100% free to list yourself, and we market your practice for you via SEO and paid advertisements. Once you’ve started getting more client referrals from the directory, we offer you all the online engagement tools to keep up with your behavioral practice growth. Still need more convincing? Check out 11 Reasons Why You Need To List Your Counseling Practice on WeCounsel Today

All in all, having a large digital presence is the first step you need to take to stay ahead of the behavioral practice marketing curve. Times are changing, and now we have to be more creative than ever to make sure our practices are growing and we’re getting more client referrals. Sign up for your free directory listing to get the ball rolling on your new marketing efforts. It won’t cost you a penny, and we do all the work for you.