LGBT & Telemedicine: Why it’s Important

Some of today’s LGBT youth face a lot of stigma and scrutiny within their daily lives, even when trying to receive medical care. In places like rural California, reports have surfaced indicating that some of these youths feel that visiting a doctor’s office is so intimidating that they will often go without care. Telemedicine offers to replace this stigma and intimidation with a more easily accessible, yet equally viable, healthcare solution.

Why the gap in care?

Questions regarding hormone therapy, surgery, insurance coverage, fertility and mental health often go unanswered and deter these patients from receiving medical attention. More often than not, LGBT patients are passed from one specialist to the next because of their unique health needs, some privy to disparaging comments along the way. Negative experiences within the healthcare system, can prevent many LGBT patients from seeking treatment from another doctor, or even sharing medical history or gender identities. Many LGBT youth have a variety of health care needs that can easily be treated with healthcare professionals operating through a telemedicine platform. No one should not have access to health care because of a lack of health care options, the crippling effects of discrimination, or the fear of judgement.
A telemedicine solution offers:
The ability to see a physician from the comfort of one’s own home
A wide variety of specialists that can address specific needs at the touch of a button
More flexible scheduling options

Telemedicine & The LGBT Community

Telemedicine is not about seeing gender, race or even sexual preference. Telemedicine was created out of a need to provide health care services to all. A telehealth platform can provide services to those in underserved areas, or to those who are simply underserved. Connecting healthcare specialists with this area of expertise via live-video or audio technologies, will allow more LGBT patients to receive the treatment they needed within a more comfortable patient setting. Healthcare professionals around the globe are reaching more patients, and making a difference within the LGBT community, by providing telemedicine options for a wide variety of needs.

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