Grow Your Behavioral Practice
with a Digital Content Strategy

Getting found online isn’t all about ads and banners. Sometimes the best advertisement for your practice is simply sharing your wisdom!  Be known for creating content that has value, not just a sales pitch.


Blogging is a highly effective way of getting found online because regular blogging boosts your recognition in search engines and increases your presence online! WordPress or Tumblr are great places to start a blog!

A good example of valuable content could be if you specialize in depression, for instance, and you write a blog on the connection between exercise and happiness. When writing new blogs, be sure to link words and phrases to relevant information in other blogs you’ve previously written. This helps with search engine optimization, SEO..

If you are looking for a quick way to kickstart your blog and need a framework for a solid SEO strategy, check out this blog post from SEO and Content Guru, Neil Patel. The post will help you create your blog topics and lay the foundation for your SEO strategy.

Social Media

Another way to stay active producing valuable content could simply be sharing interesting posts loosely related to your field. If you read a great article about finding joy in life, or about how a pet helped a person through a tough time, those could be interesting to your consumer-base, so share them on your business’ social media accounts!

Marketing yourself online should also mean positioning yourself as a thought-leader in your field by putting your ideas and knowledge out there for people to learn from or dialogue with.

Making your business facebook page or website a place where people know they can find answers or be uplifted can help build your business! Even a regular stream of simple, encouraging tweets can help you get found online!

Before you start you’ll want to separate your personal social media from your business social media.

(Learn how to create a business facebook page HERE!)

Get Listed

Being a part of online directories is a great way to get found online because it increases the chances and number of ways people can get to you. Search engines favor directories, so people searching for a provider may often land on a directory quickly.

Directories also increase your online authority, adding to your legitimacy and professional image online.

WeCounsel’s Directory provides you with ways to boost your listing and we actively market your listing as part of our Directory. We get your listing indexed and searchable in Google and refer clients your way! It’s all totally free, too! You can sign up and get listed any time without paying a dime. It’s even free to get client referrals! What’s great about a listing with WeCounsel is that we go above and beyond and  provide you with the tools needed to engage those clients online after the initial contact is made. WeCounsel provides HIPAA-compliant video conferencing, email, chat, billing, document storage and sharing and more!

These simple ideas can have a huge impact on your online presence and ability to get found by prospective clients!