When it comes to Telehealth, say “No” to Skype!

As many providers have embraced telemental health to reach patients, the delivery platform being used should be considered. Many videoconferencing applications on the market today are not well suited for a virtual health visit due to security concerns. Luckily, wecounsel is a telemedicine platform that is HIPAA compliant. WeCounsel also gives providers a secure online practice complete with a custom branded portal with billing and note-taking capabilities.

Security threats from unauthorized applications

When conducting sessions online, it is important to maintain a consciousness about the software that is being utilized. Skype, a free video and audio conferencing application, may sound appealing because it’s free and somewhat easy to navigate, but beware of security breaches of your patients’ private health information. Platforms like Skype are great for videoconferencing with your family or friends, but for a virtual health session, a HIPAA compliant software is the smartest, most viable option for providers.

Skype vs. Online Practice

Another drawback to conducting sessions through unauthorized applications like Skype, is the lack of features you receive. Skype provides an unsecure video conferencing experience, and the features end there. At wecounsel, in exchange for our competitively priced monthly membership fee, we offer providers a custom branded portal, with the ability to bill for sessions and take notes.  This note-taking capability allows the provider to take notes on uploaded documents and forms or wecounsel templates, giving an efficient way to interact with clients and manage an online practice in one simple solution. As a provided benefit, we offer our providers “wecounsel university” sessions, that helps assures that our providers are using our software to the fullest to retain and help market to new patients.

Just say “No” to those other applications

Did you know that under HIPAA, any company or entity that deals with protected health information is required to ensure that all of the required physical, network and process security measures are in place and followed. Don’t compromise the health of your private practice and your patients’ information by using a non-HIPAA compliant software. WeCounsel software has all of the necessary network and security measures to keep your online practice secure, while also giving you a ton of features that are sure to make your online practice a successful one.

Say “No” to Skype, but say “Yes” to WeCounsel’s HIPAA compliant software solution by contacting a WeCounsel success representative at 888-958-2885.