Behavioral health professionals, this one’s for you!

Telemental health solutions are increasingly seen as critical components of providing effective and efficient patient-centered care. In fact, recent studies have found that 60% of adults want to have a virtual visit with their provider, and with only 44.2% of mental health needs being met across the nation, there is a need for more effective and efficient solutions. When breaking down the telehealth industry, you might find a lot of solutions that are geared towards providers seeking EMR capabilities or companies offering solutions with healthcare wearable integration, but none that speak to your market, behavioral health specialists. There is a new, niche market in the telemedicine –online engagement solutions that are specially tailored for professionals acting within the behavioral health field. You might want to think about augmenting your practice with online offerings after I tell you how the online engagement market is taking the healthcare industry by storm!

Understanding Your Practice’s Needs

There are a lot of players within the telehealth industry offering varying pieces to build your online practice, but not a lot of offerings that are especially intended for use by behavioral health specialists, for the purpose of client engagement. The telehealth market is fragmented, with a lot of companies that can only give you secure email messaging, instant chat, secure audio capabilities or document sharing.  These companies are servicing a large, more general medical audience. As a behavioral health specialist who is trying to provide modern health services to a broader market, it can be tricky navigating product offerings that aren’t tailored to fit your needs. Where are the companies that offer all of the tools you need to make sure that your online practice succeeds, and you offer a consistent client experience online?

Uncovering Telehealth’s Best Kept Secret

Online engagement solutions are the little-known, niche market of the telehealth industry that more behavioral health specialists wish they knew about. These platforms are designed with behavioral health professionals in mind, less to do with EMR capabilities, and more concerned with the ability to manage, communicate and engage with their clients online. Behavioral health specialists should consider connecting with their clients online, to ensure that all of their clients have access to the behavioral care they need regardless of their location. End-to-end online engagement solutions can remove the fragmentation that exists today and help focus providers focus on their clients even more.

WeCounsel is an online engagement solution that combines all of your secure messaging and video needs, with a whole lot more for a whole lot less than those other guys. To find out how to get the new year off to a great start with a online engagement solution tailored to your behavioral health practice, contact one of our customer success representatives by calling 888-958-2885.