All About the WeCounsel Directory

What is It?

The WeCounsel Directory is an interactive, searchable directory for behavioral health providers like you! WeCounsel providers can list their practices online and be found by individuals seeking telemental health providers online.

It’s a lot like Psychology Today except we go above and beyond in some important ways. First, we will aggressively market your profile listing for free. Second, we provide you and your clients with the tools you need to successfully engage in treatment online, after the initial connection is made.

Why Should I List My Practice?

  • Free, searchable practice profile listing in our directory
  • Free marketing of your profile listing
  • Complete autonomy of your practice (No set rates, required time commitment, etc…)
  • Access to industry leading HIPAA-compliant, online counseling tools (secure video, chat, email, custom assessments w/ E-sign, etc)
  • Opportunity to increase inbound demand for your services

How are you going to market my practice?

We will aggressively market your practice listing as part of the directory. This includes a dedicated advertising budget and enhanced SEO techniques!

  • Your listing is indexed and searchable in google
  • You have your own custom URL extension to integrate into your website and social media accounts
  • Blog and Social Media promotion

How can I improve my chances of getting found?

  • If you are in a paid plan your listing will appear ahead of freely listed providers, all else equal.
  • We will soon offer ‘SEO Boost’ services. Whereby we will conduct a professional assessment of your listing and create a unique SEO plan to have you rank higher on google.

I am worried you’ll be sending me clients that reside in a state I’m not licensed in.

  • We will only be listing your directory for states in which you have included a license if you are a licensed provider.
  • Of course, the client has to choose the correct state to search in so we recommend confirming with the client, their state of residence before conducting a session.

What if I am a non-licensed life coach or other service provider?

  • We can help you too! You can choose Certified Life coach and add the states you want to be listed in from our drop down menu under the license section.
  • If you are not licensed or if your license does not appear on our listing, just select Other, enter your title and select the state you want to be listed in.

I already have too many clients, I don’t think I need anymore.

  • That’s okay! If you have too many clients right now, you’ll be able to refuse new clients until you are ready to start accepting more. Then, when you are ready, your profile will already be listed and you can begin to accept the incoming requests. This approach will decrease the amount of time it takes you to gear up your marketing when you’re ready to add to your clientele.
  • You are not required to accept any client referrals we send your way. In fact, we recommend that you do screen inbound requests to make sure these clients are a good long-term match for you and your services.

How will I know you are posting accurate information about me? What if some of my information changes?

  • We will only post the information you include in your public profile. You have complete discretion over what appears about you.
  • If some of your practice information changes, all you have to do is visit the Public Profile tab in your Settings and update the information accordingly.

How do I list my practice?

Already Signed up for a WeCounsel subscription? Listing your practice on WeCounsel is easy! You’ll see a prompt to list when you login to your account. Alternatively, you can go to Settings, then Public Profile and click List My Practice.

More info can be found HERE!

Don’t have a WeCounsel subscription, you don’t need one! Just visit our site  and sign up for your free directory listing. Feel free to trial one of our engagement software plans Free for 30 days as well!

What is the down side?

There isn’t one!