5 Ways Telehealth Makes Your Life Easier

“Providing Telehealth Services.”

What’s the first thing you think of when you read that phrase? Maybe it’s “what in the world are telehealth services?” or maybe “sounds expensive…” did anyone think “that sounds like it would make my life a whole lot easier?” Regardless of what you thought of, providing telehealth services does, in fact, make your life easier.

Here are 5 examples how:

Work From Home

As a therapist, working from home is mostly unheard of. Not anymore! Telemedicine gives you the ability to make your schedule so that you can work from home if you need/want to. Does inclimate weather ever make you close your office, causing you to have to reschedule a whole day’s worth of appointments? Sounds stressful, so why do it? All you have to do is conduct that session via WeCounsel, and just like that, your problem is solved.

Minimize Cancellations

Bouncing off my last point, do you ever have clients cancel because the babysitter canceled or they’re having car troubles? Instead of going through the painstaking process of getting that patient rescheduled in a timely manner, just hold a telehealth session! No one likes cancelled appointments, so why deal with them when you can avoid them?

Manage Everything in 1 Place

How many different softwares do you have in order to manage your practice effectively? I’d guess at least two, possibly up to three or four. WeCounsel’s platform combines all of these management features and puts them all in one place for easy use. Now you can schedule all your clients, manage their files, bill them, etc. all from your HIPAA compliant portal.

Easier Expansion

I’m guessing practice expansion is something that’s pretty important to you, it may even be one of the main reasons you’re here. Since the beginning of time, expansion is something every business wants/needs, and it’s no secret it can be extremely challenging, especially in your profession as location is a huge barrier. With telehealth, you can reach your whole state by offering remote sessions to these clients that reside far away, making expansion a piece of cake.

Retain Clients

When a client moves to a different part of the state, what’s your current procedure? At best, my guess would be you refer them to another provider in their area, saying goodbye for good. That isn’t good for continuity of care or for your schedule. What if you could retain that client and maintain that relationship? With telehealth you can do just that, so don’t worry about filling that hole just yet.

As you can see, telemental health does in fact make your life easier. Make work less stressful, and start your 30 day Free Trial today to experience exactly how WeCounsel can help.