The 5 Ways Telehealth Makes
Your Clients Happy!

I am sure you have heard your fair share of common patient and client complaints regarding their health providers.  Improving office workflows can help; however, we live in the age of technology and there are cost effective solutions that can make a huge difference.  A robust telehealth solution can improve client experiences in 5 powerful ways.

Increased Access to Care

When the Founder of WeCounsel, Harrison Tyner, started this telemedicine company he had one thing in mind..increasing access to care. Telehealth is expanding access to care for millions of people including disabled clients, elderly clients, low income clients, and especially rural mental health patients.

Reduced Cost of Care

Obviously there are many benefits to using Telehealth, but one of the best benefits of all is saving money! Who doesn’t love to save money? Telehealth reduces the cost of care in many ways. Clients have many obstacles to face just to see their provider. Often times your clients session begins to feel like a burden, but can you blame them when they have to deal with co-pays, deductibles, transportation cost, missed time from work, and child care expenses?  By eliminating these issues you are helping your clients financial situation as well as their mental health!

Improved Convenience

In today’s world convenience is everything. Most of the decisions we make are based off of convenience, so why not provide the most convenient healthcare option for your clients? Some of your clients work a full time job, have kids, and deal with everyday obligations. Imagine how much easier it would be for your clients to see you from the comfort of their home. Now they can avoid loading their kids up in the car, or finding a babysitter.

Time is Important: Help Your Clients Save Theirs

It’s been said that time is the most valuable thing a person has, so why waste it? You can’t possibly tell me that your clients enjoy sitting in rush hour traffic to get to your office. I can also bet your clients don’t enjoy sitting in your waiting room. For these people, you are a necessity. Your clients shift their schedules around you because they need your guidance. Imagine how beneficial it would be for your clients to have the option of Telehealth!

Improved Outcomes  

Telehealth does something for clients that in-person visits can’t do. It removes barriers for clients because they feel more comfortable in their own home or office. Also, Telehealth lets providers see more patients. Studies suggest that patients who are unwilling to seek the help they need under normal conditions will often seek help via video counseling! Telehealth improves client engagement because clients enjoy the comfort of video sessions.

Giving your clients the option of Telehealth can improve their life financially, emotionally, and mentally! WeCounsel is all about improving engagement between our providers and their clients. We promise to go above and beyond as your Telehealth provider! Try our software out for FREE!

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