5 Ways to Grow Your Practice Revenue With WeCounsel

Have you ever considered the benefits of having an online practice? You may be asking yourself,  “How do I make more money in my counseling practice?” The simple solution is WeCounsel.  Here are 5 ways to grow your practice revenue with WeCounsel:

Maximize Your Time

When you use online counseling there is no need to create a staggered schedule. With online counseling you can eliminate the need to compensate for waiting room time, cleaning up your counseling area, or preparing paperwork for your next client. Instead, everything you need is ready in a few simple clicks with WeCounsel’s Telehealth platform.

Reduce Cancellations/No Shows

It can be frustrating to constantly have no shows and cancellations. Life happens, and sometimes appointments can’t be made. With telemedicine you have a loophole to alleviate the following problems:

  • Transportation Issues
  • Sickness
  • Family Issues

Add New Modalities to Your Service Offering

Conducting all of your therapy sessions in person cost you money in multiple ways. First of all, how far do you drive each day to your practice? Unless you have a vehicle that runs off of good faith then it’s costing you traveling expenses. Unfortunately, that’s the least of your cost. Any time you’re dealing with a brick and mortar business there is cost in renting the space, paying the electricity, etc. From a consumer’s point of view conducting a session online means less money out of their pockets. A few examples of consumers saving money include not having traveling cost, not missing work, or not needing a babysitter for the kids. Sounds great right?

List Yourself on WeCounsel’s Counselor Directory

With technology becoming more and more prevalent in healthcare it only makes sense that the majority of people we ask are interested in giving Telehealth a try. Far too often people are not able to get the care they need because of work restrictions, not being able to travel long distances, or needing to miss work to fit in the provider’s schedule. WeCounsel’s Telehealth platform is all about increasing access to care.

Open Your Own Private Practice

As a provider how do you compensate for clients who have the normal 9-5 job schedule? What about clients who have kids all day during the week or can’t take off work? There are several ways you can solve that issue. You can work extra hours having long afternoons. You can work your normal schedule, and spend your whole weekend, or you can let these patients fall through the crack and not get the care they need at all, or is there a practical solution? There is! With WeCounsel you can see clients in the afternoon or on weekends from the comfort of your home! You can also schedule sessions when you have openings, or on your clients work breaks.

As you’ve read there are tons of ways to grow your practice online. If you don’t already have clients who are interested in online counseling don’t worry! WeCounsel has a feature that list you in an online provider directory for free. People from your state will have the ability to search for online providers and seek out treatment. If you want listed into the Provider & Therapist Directory for FREE, or want to go ahead and sign up for a FREE trial.