5 Advantages of Seeing Your Provider Online

What if you could continue receiving great healthcare from the comfort of your home? According to a recent Cisco Global survey 76% of patients are comfortable with telemedicine services over in-person interactions with providers. In today’s world, convenience is key. Telehealth is sweeping through the healthcare industry with great success. Why not take advantage of it? The following are just a few of the many benefits of seeing your provider online:

Increased Access to Care

With Telehealth, providers can easily reach their patients who prefer a more convenient solution to meeting their healthcare needs. There are many obstacles that can dissuade one from seeking care. Whether it be missing work, traveling a long distance, or physical ailments, you don’t have to let these things stop you from getting the care you need and deserve.

Less Travel Time

Rather than driving long distances to your appointment you can participate in your session from the comfort of your home. Don’t spend valuable time and money driving back and forth to appointments. Use Telehealth to your advantage! Why not?

Increased Efficiency and Decreased Cost

Providers are sometimes able to lower rates because of increased efficiency and decreased cost with online counseling. There are many aspects of online counseling that decrease cost. Just to name a couple consider how much money is saved when you don’t have to miss work for a session, or pay for the cost of traveling to your providers office.

Increased Provider Engagement

Seeing your provider online means an increased ability to have more sessions, stay connected through secure messaging or email, and a one on one feeling you can’t get sitting inside an office.

Increased Quality of Care

As the patient you will feel more connected and comfortable with your provider if you’re talking through video chat from the leisure of your home. As mentioned previously, Cisco’s survey found that 70% of patients prefer the convenience and comfort of Telehealth.

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