3 Ways the Telemental Health Institute is Moving Healthcare Forward

The TeleMental Health Institute (TMHI) is an organization dedicated to the cause of promoting the growth and expansion of telehealth solutions. With the rising costs of healthcare it is becoming a more and more popular industry, and we are beginning to see the many benefits telehealth technologies can have. According to the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), there are approximately 200 telemedicine networks in the U.S. today with access connectivity to over 3,000 sites.

The size, scope, and types of telemedicine available will only continue to evolve as more of the population takes advantage of the work entities such as the TeleMental Health Institute have done. Here are three of the most important aspects.

1.) Cost: The costs associated with healthcare can be crippling. Not only do you have to pay for the service provided, but you need to cover all the other extenuating circumstances. Gas money traveling to and from an office may seem insignificant, but what if you have a child that needs to visit a psychiatrist 2-3 times a week? And that doctor’s office is an hour and a half round trip from where you live? All of a sudden that could be 5+ hours you’re spending driving, burning gas, and subsequently dollars. In a more direct sense, 22 states in the U.S. have enacted laws that mandate telehealth visits be reimbursed by insurance companies the same as in-person visits.

2.) Convenience: Whether you’re that mother constantly making trips for a son/daughter, or an elderly individual living on your own, the progress of the TeleMental Health Institute will have a great impact on you. Telemedicine video conferencing solutions are quickly gaining popularity, especially among the aforementioned demographics. Instead of having to make the trip you can open a laptop, or pull out your smartphone and be connected to your healthcare provider in a matter of minutes.

3.) Clear Space: The time and money saved not only by the patient, but also the provider, will ultimately benefit all parties in the end. These advantages of telemedicine will allow offices to become less busy as more people opt to do it from home. A less busy and hectic work environment means doctors, therapists, and everyone working in the offices will function more efficiently. This in turn could lead to a decrease in the overall cost of healthcare services.

While the Telemental Health Institute is not the only organization working on progressing the telehealth field, they are one of the biggest. The work they have already done can be evidenced in anecdotal form as well as by the numbers. The telehealth industry is projected to grow to almost $2 billion by 2018. A dramatic rise from the $240 million it generated in 2013. If you haven’t already it’s time to look into how places like the TeleMental Health Institute can help serve your healthcare needs today.