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Custom telemedicine solutions for multi-location mental health group practices, service providers, clinics, EAPs, resellers to offer remote care.

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  • This portal is the convenient setting that my patient population has been has led to improvements in patient satisfaction and invigorates our patients' sense of security within our established cloud-based landscape.

    Gireesh Velugabanti, MD

  • Wecounsel has made it possible to retain a therapeutic connection with clients who are in transition as they move away...I met twice weekly with one client alone during a critical season in her marriage.

    Hayne Steen, Marriage and Family Counselor

  • Four months into this new arrangement, all of my patients...have agreed that the online format is nearly identical to our in-person sessions, and in some ways even more convenient…It has been hugely reassuring and helpful to find a platform that has made my work transition so smooth, both for me and for my clients.

    Jennifer Kane, LCP

  • I would definitely suggest you sign on with wecounsel. When you join the community, the feedback that wecounsel provides and what they bring to the table seems to optimize the experience, and expand and improve it for everybody.

    Hooman Keshavarzi, MA, LCPC Executive Director, Khalil Center

  • The staff at wecounsel have been incredibly helpful and flexible in offering a customized site for our unique needs. We are very pleased with the clean layout and intuitive nature of the application.

    Sarah Thompson Special Projects Coordinator, National EAP Service Provider - Enterprise

  • With more than 40 rural hospital psychiatric programs, we have turned to wecounsel for our teletherapy services. This enables us to serve more of our senior population.

    Kelly McBryde, CEO Ultragroup Healthcare

  • I find wecounsel’s support team very available if I run into any technical problems. Overall my sessions with patients have been very clear and the technology has been easy to use. My patients can log on easily. I highly recommend wecounsel!

    Marlene Sukiennik, LCSW

  • Wecounsel saved my practice! I relocated and moved my practice 18 months ago. Without wecounsel helping me make my practice mobile, I would have had a really hard time rebuilding and the care for my established clients would have suffered. Thanks, wecounsel. You're team really did save my practice!

    Dianne Presley, LCSW, Believe, Hope, Inspire Wellness Services LLC

  • Reasonable rates and great customer service! Wecounsel is great. Their customer service is exceptional. My patients are able to contact wecounsel for help with signing on which is extremely helpful because my patients can be ready for their session. The cost is what made me switch from my other provider. Their rates are affordable especially for the services that you receive.

    Dr. Tiffany Jones, Therapist

  • Five Stars!!
    I use wecounsel and love it. It is simple to use and reliable. I recommend this platform to anyone seeking to add telehealth to their practice.

    Brenda Wood-Clark, Owner,Choices Therapy Services, LLC